Key Tips & Things To Avoid

  • Knob Loosening (part 1): When loosening the rubber leg knobs please ensure you only make a maximum of 3 half turns counter-clockwise. Any further loosening will expose the knob's threading lubricant, with even more exposure as you keep turning. Save yourself the hassle and just turn 1 or 2 times as that's all that's needed for leg section loosening. If you see internal threading & lubricant you've gone too far.

  • Knob Loosening (part 2): A rubber knob that is half turned 10 or more times counterclockwise will disconnect the knob from it's threading and result in disconnection of the inner mechanism holding the leg sections together. This can be quite a pain to fix if you go one step further and pull the leg sections apart exposing internal holding pieces, so make sure to keep to 1-2 half turns per knob to avoid this troublehooting issue. If you see all internal threading you've truly loosening too far.

  • Tilt Head Loosening: When loosening the tilt head for adjustment we highly suggest that you remove your computer while doing so. While you technically can leave the computer on if you securely hold it in place (holding computer & tray together) it is MUCH better & more secure to determine your tilt setting and lock it in before placing your computer on the tray.

  • Security Strap: This strap is optional to use, and is provided as an extra security measure to ensure your laptop remains firmly attached to theStand tray. Simply wrap the strap around both the tray (there are indents on the tray for the strap to hold tightly in place) & your laptop (ideally just above your keyboard), tighten the strap until it has no slack and you're all set!

If you have any issues during setup & use please do not hestitate to reach out to our customer support team at Thank you! 🙏