Keep your team Happy, Healthy, Productive, and Engaged by making theStand part of their Employee Wellness Benefits or Onboarding Package.

Whether we are working at the office, home, off-site, or in a dream location - we all spend a lot of time sitting, and sitting in the same place. And if there is one activity where that really makes no sense, it's when we are on our video calls, which can be much of the day.

Getting out of our chair for our presentation, collaboration, brainstorm or even listening session - will make us more focused and effective. Try it! Not to mention all of the times we could work on a project or do some research, and getting up and moving would help the process.

But even more important, now more than ever, we really need to focus on our physical and mental health as we work. And few things help aid in that area more than getting moving, and getting outdoors or by light filled window. More oxygen circulating to our brain increases energy + more time outdoors helps our immune system and sleep cycle, as well as decreases blood pressure and heart rate.

Fresh air and sunlight boost our serotonin levels leaving us more focused and calm, and every hour up and away from your stationary desk helps you burn an extra 100 calories as well as helps prevent the lower back and neck pain that comes with extended sitting.

Get your team Moving with theStand

and keep your Happy and Healthy employees Excited and Engaged!

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