Wellness Reimbursement

A Wellness Reimbursement Program is a benefit offered by most companies to support their employees healthy lifestyle choices. Although the program specifics will vary from company to company, all that we have reviewed would cover the purchase of theStand, as it is equipment that gets you up and moving during the day, working healthier, happier, and more efficiently. If your company has this benefit, our email receipt to you should facilitate your reimbursement.

If your company does not have this benefit, but you will be using theStand to alleviate one of the many negative effects of extended sitting and repetitive motion - you can still request pre-authorization from your People, HR, or Benefits Team. Please use the note below along with the specific details of your request, or email us at info@getthestand and we can help process the request.

Your valued team member wants to Get Moving and start working healthier, happier, and more productively with theStand. As you know, any amount of getting up and moving during the day contributes to greater energy and attention levels, better blood flow and circulation, and a reduction in the risk of obesity, heart disease, and lower back pain. Also, when employees are up and moving and using the "single screen, no mouse" environment of theStand - they are focused on the task at hand, with elevated attention and contribution levels. Happier healthier employees are more engaged, contribute more, and turnover at a much lower rate. Please consider granting this accommodation request for all the benefits it will bring to your valued team member and the greater organization.

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