Dark Arrival gives way to a Bright Future of Work

Dark Arrival gives way to a Bright Future of Work
Ryan Mulcahy
Ryan Mulcahy
The Future of Work's official, unmistakable, and unceremonious arrival, came with dark clouds and claps of thunder, and in the coming years the way we worked in the past will be all but unrecognizable.
What the pandemic did to change where and how we work, may end up just a side note to how it ultimately shaped our views of the importance of working to live vs. living to work, and who owns the benefits of that work. And to an awakened populous already questioning everything about their relationship with work, the cold, callous, and algorithmic nature of the recent mass layoffs, cemented the fact that we have arrived in a brave new world.
Whatever thin veneer remained from the decade plus "people matter" campaigns from mega corps has, in one shocking and sobering wave, been exposed for the marketing that it was. In fact, no human was in sight as the same machines that will automate tens if not hundreds of millions of jobs in the coming decade, sent out the notices. 
The good news is that we all have agency and are not on our own in this thing. Every corporation and machine alike, has a person who wrote it into existence. We are in charge, you are in charge, and we have the tools to build a world of work that works for everyone. One where ambition, talent, and character matter more than location, pedigree, and connections. And where machines make more of us better, not less of us needed.   
Never has the individual, the entrepreneur, the small town, the small team, the small brand, the small business, the collaborative, the co-op, had so much power in their hands, and so much access to transformative tools. Let's use these pieces of code, these amazing new tools that are in all of our hands, to benefit the many and not the few.
Let's build smaller, faster moving teams, made up of talent from all locations and walks of life, doing work we care about, focusing on what matters, and taking care of each other while we do it. The Future of Work will soon be very bright, long removed from today's dark beginnings.   

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