Deskless Workforce

Deskless Workforce
Ryan Mulcahy
Ryan Mulcahy
The deskless workforce, consisting of employees who do not have a traditional office setting and instead work in various locations such as construction sites, warehouses, retail stores, and outdoors, has long been overlooked in terms of ergonomics and productivity. It is estimated that 80% of the global workforce doesn't sit at a desk to do their jobs. That's a whole lot of laptops, tablets, books, and notepads that are being propped up on tailgates, car hoods, countertops, benches, and walls. And a whole lot of lost health and productivity. 
We built theStand, so everyone can work happy, healthy, and productive - wherever their day takes them - and that's a game-changer for the Deskless Workforce that keeps our world moving. Made of carbon fiber, theStand slips right into the smallest of bags and weighs just a couple pounds, yet easily sets up anywhere in seconds, and is super strong and stable holding many times its weight.  
Above and beyond the productivity boost theStand will bring to the Deskless Workforce's day, providing a stable and level work surface, even in outdoor or uneven environments, will help reduce the strain on the neck, back, and shoulders, which are common issues among those who work in physically demanding environments. If you think we can help you or your team in the field, please reach out at for a demo and proposal.

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